My Philosophy

As an artist, I believe our lives start out as an empty canvases that get colored with the wonderful, crazy, messy, serious, happy stories of life. 

I love to seize those colorful stories... using my camera to make lasting physical memories out of the fleeting moments of everyday. The tiny toes of a newborn, the loyal comfort of a dear pet, the beauty of a mom swept up in the craziness of family life. 

Everyone has a story, whether mapped out meticulously, step by step, or unraveling it's self organically; their canvas gets filled with the paint of their lives. A story they want to share and pass on to generations. Pictures move the story and fill the canvas.

Our session is designed with you in mind. Together we will create a fun experience to produce memories to last you a lifetime. I specialize in children, pets and family photography. I also offer limited number of specialized portrait sessions each year. Whether meeting you at home or at your favorite hangout, I want to be - where your life happens. 

I want to show you the beauty I see in your world and I will capture that beauty with a series of contemporary, lifestyle images and modern portraiture. Producing mix of candid and lightly posed pictures, naturally letting your story unfold.

Are you ready to paint your story with pictures? 
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